Sewer Repair
Covington, LA

Sewer Repair Covington, LA

Sewer Repair

Covington, LA

When you need a sewer repair expert in Covington, you can rely on All Star Plumbing and Air to get the job done right. Our team specializes in professional-grade plumbing work to resolve any issues you may be experiencing in your home. We’ll handle everything from routine sewer maintenance to extensive sewer repair work and drain care. We know that there’s nothing more inconvenient and stressful than dealing with plumbing issues, and we strive to alleviate that burden from our clients and get their sewage and plumbing systems back into tip-top shape. When you run into sewage problems, don’t hesitate to call All Star Plumbing and Air, the premier plumber for Covington.

Signs You Need A Sewer Repair

  • Strong Odors – Foul smells coming from your drains or in your living space, in general, could be attributed to sewage problems. You’ll know when you smell the grossly unpleasant scent of sewage in your home, and you’ll want to get help before it becomes unbearable.
  • Bright Green Patches On Your Lawn – If you notice areas of your lawn that are more lush than normal, then you may need sewer repair. Although this may appear to be a good thing, abnormally vibrant patches of lawn are one of the biggest indicators of a sewage problem.
  • Unexpected Noises – Frequent gurgling sounds from your toilet are indicators that you may need sewer repair work. Also, the constant sound of running water from your toilet is another sign of a damaged sewer line that needs professional attention.
  • High Water Bill – If your water bill has jumped suddenly, then a faulty sewer could be to blame. A high water bill is usually a sign of a cracked pipe somewhere in your plumbing that’s causing water to leak out. The high cost will persist until you hire a plumber to determine the root of the problem.
  • Excessive Clogging – Frequent clogs and backups are sure signs of a damaged line that needs sewer repair. While these issues occur regularly in plumbing systems, they shouldn’t go ignored. Furthermore, trying to handle clogs yourself using chemical drain cleaners is usually ineffective and can cause damage to the rest of your plumbing system. It’s best to let a pro plumber handle any serious clogs you have.

The problems mentioned above will only persist and worsen until you get a professional sewer repair specialist like us on the job. Don’t wait and let these serious plumbing issues cause extensive damage to your home.

Call All Star Plumbing and Air at the first sign of trouble and let us handle all your sewer repair needs in Covington!

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