Drain Cleaning in Mandeville, LA

Could you imagine life without a plumbing system or even just the drain line installation? Frankly, we do not want to. We have a great appreciation for plumbing systems here at All Star Plumbing & Air, and we work hard – and smart – so that you can enjoy your convenience of yours without interruption. We are proud to serve the Mandeville, LA area with reliable drain cleaning as well as clogged drain repair and replacement services. Our uniformed technicians use hydro jetting technology for safe and thorough results. Call us any time if you have questions or concerns, or if you would like to schedule a convenient appointment with one of our plumbers in Mandeville area.

For Your Health

Many homeowners and even business owners brush off the obvious signs of a clogged drain but underestimating the health risks that come with clogged drains can prove costly. Decaying material in the drain line can release harmful chemicals and the still water around the blockages can be prime breeding grounds for bacteria, pathogens, and other microbes. For your health’s sake, make sure to rinse drains with hot water after use. We also suggest you to use the baking soda and vinegar method of cleaning drains once every two to three months.

Protect the Drain Line

The drain line installation is fairly safe buried within the walls, floors, and the ground of your property. Surprisingly, however, some of the greatest threats come from within the system. Be careful what you flush down the toilet and toss in the sinks. Only flush toilet paper, pee, and poo, and brush your hair before you get in the shower. As for the kitchen sink, we advise you keep out fibrous and hard scrap foods. Also, do NOT pour used fats, oils, and greases in the kitchen sink. Keep them in a separate container to throw out later.

When to Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain lines are reliable considering their limitations; most drains are about 2 inches in diameter. A little bit of mindfulness and care can diminish the risk of clogging considerably, but blockages are difficult to stop completely. Over time, clogs can form even in the drain lines of the most meticulous homeowner. This is why we recommend professional drain cleaning in Mandeville at least once every two to three years. At All Star Plumbing & Air, we use hydro jetting technology for safe, thorough, and long-lasting results.

The Benefit of Hydro Jetting

Picture a homeowner cleaning their driveway with a brush and another one using a pressure washer. Obviously, the pressure washer is going to take less time and energy while delivering better results. Our hydro jetting service in Mandeville is similar. You can think of it as pressure washing the drain line.

Because the pressurized water is incredibly powerful, we begin our drain cleaning in Mandeville with a live video inspection of the drain line. If we notice serious damage to the integrity of the material, then we may recommend a drain line replacement or quick drain repair in Mandeville. If the coast is clear, then we pinpoint the blockage and blast it with pressurized water capable of breaking through even dried concrete and tree roots.

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