Get Ready For Winter With A Heating System Tune Up

With the holidays fast approaching and the outdoor temperatures beginning to drop, the last thing you want to worry about is a malfunctioning heating system. That’s why a furnace or heat pump tune up at the start of the heating season is ideal to ensure that your heating system is in good shape for the high level of use it’s about to face. At All Star Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we offer tune up and small heat pump and furnace repair at a great price. Read on to see what you can expect from a typical tune up service, and how it can benefit your HVAC system prior to winter.

The Tune Up Checklist

With a heating tune up, you can expect your technician to perform a few key actions depending on your unit’s specific needs. We will clean your furnace or heat pump and adjust its inner mechanisms to ensure that everything is working properly and efficiently. Also, we’ll perform a thorough inspection to pinpoint any small problems. We’ll make the necessary repairs to ensure that they don’t escalate to a full system breakdown. After a routine tune up service, your heating system should perform better and instantly improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The Advantages Of Tune Up Services

  •  Your furnace or heat pump will perform better. A clean heating system with no loose or broken parts will not have a problem with heating your home adequately. You can expect that all rooms in your home will be heated evenly and you won’t have to worry as much about unexpected system breakdowns when you need your heating element the most.
  •  You can expect better energy efficiency after a tune up (and lower energy costs). Well maintained furnaces and heat pumps will require less energy to get your home warm. This means that tune up services can reduce your home’s impact on the environment and will garner more savings for you.
  •  Every tune up increases your system’s lifespan. As with your air conditioning system, maintenance efforts can help your heating system last for years. It can also help minimize the need for an expensive furnace or heating repairs over the course of its service life.

As winter gets closer, you still have time to schedule your tune up service. Take advantage of the benefits of a professional HVAC tune up and reach out to All Star Plumbing and Air today!