Hydrojetting Services
Covington, LA

Hydrojetting Services Covington, LA

Hydrojetting Services

Covington, LA

All Star Plumbing and Air is known as a top plumber in Covington, and one of the reasons why is our premium hydrojetting. Hydrojetting is an effective process used to do a deep cleaning to lining your plumbing and pipes.

This technique utilizes pressurized water to clean dirt and build up. Think of it as the power washing equivalent for cleaning inside your plumbing system to remove years’ worth of built-up gunk.

You or your plumber may want to conduct a video inspection first to pinpoint any possible areas of concern. However, generally for pipes that are slowing without other symptoms associated with a plumbing leak, cleaning should be enough to resolve the issue.

Benefits of Professional Hydrojetting

You don’t have to wait for your plumbing to act problematic to schedule hydrojet cleaning. In fact, wise homeowners use this service to their advantage as part of a preventative maintenance plan. It’s better to clean frequently and avoid build-up than try to schedule it as a response to slow or clogged drains.

Some other benefits of hydrojetting:

  • Reduce Bacteria – Washing away grime means washing away contaminants. Bacteria is commonly found stuck inside pipes, so it’s better to clean it away than end up exposed to it.
  • Cost-Effective – The mistake homeowners make is trying to save money by skipping the pipe cleaning process. Yet, the hydrojetting process cleaning your plumbing will help you avoid many preventable problems, and that saves you money in the long run.
  • Pipe Restoration – To get your pipes as good as new again, they need professional cleaning. When we blast away the buildup, it helps them function better also.

Improving The Performance And Longevity Of Your Pipes

Another pro tip here for you – the more frequently you clean your pipes, the less likely you are to have any build-up. Hydrojetting is a critical cleaning method to prolong the longevity of your pipes and plumbing system. Plus, it helps ensure peak performance during this lifespan.

Whatever you do, avoid using store-bought chemicals to “clean” the interior of your pipes. This can mask existing problems like tree root intrusion. DIY cleaning with chemicals will also do more harm than good for your pipes and plumbing because they’ll begin to break down the material. Leave pipe and drain cleaning to industry experts, and make those industry experts our team at All Star Plumbing and Air.

Call now and schedule hydrojetting from this skilled plumbing company in Covington.