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All Star Plumbing and Air is the name in air conditioning expertise in Ponchatoula. We specialize in the repair, replacement, and maintenance of both commercial and residential AC systems. Our team combines more than a decade of experience and knowledge with a commitment to delivering the best customer service in the area.

Our mission is to serve the Ponchatoula community with the utmost integrity and, of course, to keep local homes and businesses cool and comfortable throughout the year. If you’re in Ponchatoula and need an air conditioning expert that will give you the best price and guarantee your complete satisfaction, then All Star Plumbing and Air is the only choice for you! Call our team today to find out more!

Enjoy A Cool Home With Ponchatoula Air Conditioning Services

When you need top-quality AC work in Ponchatoula, you need only to reach out to All Star Plumbing and Air. We specialize in AC repair and tune up, both of which will correct any problems keeping your AC from performing as it should. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and can pinpoint the exact cause of your AC’s malfunctions. Whether it’s a mechanical issue, like a frozen evaporator coil or refrigerant leak, or an electrical problem like a blown thermostat, our team will diagnose it quickly and deliver a solution that’s both affordable and effective. Our AC tune up services can help you avoid the hassle of repairs altogether by giving your AC system the maintenance it needs to keep going strong.

It has the benefits of increasing the lifespan of your AC unit, improving your home’s energy use, and helping your system work to the best of its capability. Additionally, All Star Plumbing and Air offers AC replacement and installation for when your old AC unit finally gives out. We’ll work with you to select the best new AC unit for your home, one that is affordable, energy-saving, and capable of meeting your property’s heating and cooling needs without fail. Our installers will make the replacement a stress-free process. Contact All Star Plumbing and Air for all your air conditioning needs in Ponchatoula!

Get Ready For Cool Weather With Ponchatoula Heating Repairs

When the chill of winter makes its way to Ponchatoula, the last thing you need is trouble from a broken furnace or heat pump. Fortunately, All Star Plumbing and Air Heating and Air is always here to provide effective and speedy heating repair to get your home ready for the cold months ahead. We offer furnace and heat pump repair and tune up to guarantee that your heating element won’t break down when you need it most. Our team has years of experience working with all major makes and models of furnaces and heat pumps.

We ensure that once our work is complete, your heating unit will run flawlessly and will heat your home efficiently and thoroughly. In addition, we also offer furnace and heat pump replacement and installation. When your heating unit reaches the end of its service life, All Star Plumbing and Air is happy to help you transition to new and updated equipment that will undoubtedly give you better performance and dramatically improve energy efficiency in your home. When your Ponchatoula home or business needs quality heating repair work, then look no further than All Star Plumbing and Air!

Plumbing Service For Your Ponchatoula Home

Has the plumbing system in your home given you more headaches than you can stand? Rusty pipes, pooling water, and backflowing toilets can cause lasting – and smelly – damage to your home. Sewer backups can also allow illness and disease to enter your home, which is something that no one wants to deal with.

That’s why All Star Plumbing and Air are expert plumbers, well versed in sewer repair and maintenance. We offer sewer maintenance, sewer repair, and drain cleaning to keep your home’s plumbing system in the best shape it can be. If you have any issues with your plumbing or sewer system, don’t hesitate to call All Star Plumbing and Air today!

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