Pipe Tunneling
Covington, LA

Pipe Tunneling Covington, LA

Pipe Tunneling

Covington, LA

All Star Plumbing and Air is always trying to find ways to improve our service as well as the lives of our Covington customers. One reason tunneling is a preferred service for us is because it’s a better alternative to cutting slabs.

When you’re in a situation that calls for tunneling, the other options are way more invasive and destructive. As the name implies, tunneling is digging beneath a residential or commercial building and then using this as the access system to repair or replace pipes.

Whenever you can avoid cutting through floors, it’s always the better route to take. Each job has to be evaluated individually by a professional plumber to determine if tunneling will work to accomplish what needs to be done.

Dispelling Myths About Tunneling

When you schedule a standard service like drain cleaning, you know what you’re getting. If you’ve never needed tunneling before, you may feel overwhelmed about misinformation concerning the job.

For one thing, does tunneling cost more or not? There are several factors that impact the final cost of the project; however, keep in mind that the convenience of avoiding cutting a slab is worth the cost, even if it ends up costing more than the alternative. The expense of repairing or replacing the floor is one of the most significant factors for the final cost of the job, but, in most cases, tunneling isn’t that much more expensive.

Another troublesome misconception about tunneling is that it’s an appropriate DIY job. Before you get some neighbor friends together and rent equipment to try to bang out the job on a Saturday afternoon, think again. The task of tunneling is physically demanding, requires maneuvering around utility lines, and is better left to pros with in-depth knowledge of how to use the machinery.

Get your information straight from a reliable resource – All Star Plumbing and Air. We’re always here for questions and will review the process with you before the job begins.

Your Insurance Company Loves Tunneling

Although this also may not always be true, many insurance carriers prefer tunneling because:

  • Lower risk of related damages
  • Less expensive in many instances
  • Less collateral damage expenses (i.e. new flooring, etc.)
  • If the job is through insurance, you can still request tunneling. We hope to be the company you choose for this type of plumbing work.

One call to our Covington office, and we’ll be there for your tunneling or other plumbing needs.