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To the All Star Plumbing and Air crew, backflow testing and maintenance is a top priority. This service is something that any reputable Covington plumber should offer because it’s about the quality of drinking water for local residents.

Backflow testing is a process that’s used to test your plumbing system and make certain that drinking water isn’t contaminated by dirty water. Dirty water can infiltrate the water supply or be the direct result of water flowing back that should be evacuating the home.

We know that our customers are concerned about backflow testing and maintenance, as they should be. To keep a healthy home that’s safe from avoidable contaminants, let us provide you with the testing and other measures to ensure your well-being.

Backflow Testing

Backflow testing and maintenance play an integral role in how well your plumbing performs. Unfortunately, unlike a problem like clogged drains, it’s not always easy to identify you have a current backflow issue. Instead of learning the hard way you have a reverse flow problem and that it has existed for some time, a better approach is to schedule regular testing. Backflow testing should be done annually so you can take advantage of benefits like:


Keep water supply clean, purified, and safe for consumption.


Prevent serious illness among your family members.


Avoid costly emergency repairs.


Discover existing pressure issues that need to be addressed.

You may learn that you need non-return valves or reduced pressure backflow preventers installed, but it’s better to be aware now and deal with it.

Backflow Maintenance

Backflow testing and maintenance aren’t discussed enough, especially once you realize the vital role it plays in keeping your household safe. Dirty water is unsafe for consumption but can also spread germs, bacteria, and other contaminants when used for cleaning, cooking, and other household chores.

The first step is to have your device installed and, from there, stay current with the maintenance requirements. What’s the point of having a reverse-flow prevention preventer if it’s not going to work well for you?

Even if the device isn’t mandatory by law, it’s something every home and business owners should want. Ensure safety and good health by having a backflow preventer installed, tested, and maintained. For this and other essential plumbing services, contact All Star Plumbing and Air in Covington, right now.

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