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The importance of water heaters needs no explanation, yet it’s still often downplayed. At All Star Plumbing and Air, you get a Covington plumber with a passion for the business and industry – as well as customer satisfaction. We know all too well how vital a water heater is and have seen one too many a household learning the hard way how much they appreciate their system.

Whether you have a tankless or traditional system, having reliable access to hot water is a necessity. It means being able to cook, clean, and take care of sanitation details with reliability.

Water heaters will last a long time with proper installation, maintenance, and repair service. Please don’t take chances with your source of consistent hot water; let our team service your water heater and other aspects of your plumbing.

Expert Care For Water Heaters Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

When you think about plumbers and the work we do, you probably immediately associate that professional with something like clogged drains. However, don’t overlook the value of having a reliable resource to turn to when you need other services. We meet and exceed your expectations for work in areas like water heaters too.

An expert plumber will make sure you get a high-quality water heater and the right size proportionate to your household. We’ll also masterfully install it, maintain it, and address repairs as they arise. When the time comes, we can also replace your water heater. All Star Plumbing and Air offers service for tankless and traditional water heaters.

You can rest assured your system will work:








Maximum Longevity


Peak Performance

Keeping Your Water Heater In Tip-Top Shape

Imagine trying to get through one single day without a hot shower. The ability to clean laundry and dishes is just as crucial. The only way to maintain access to the hot water you need is to take good care of your water heater.

To get the best service from your system:


Drain the tank regularly


Address repairs immediately


Schedule inspections and tune-ups


Test the pressure release valve


Watch for fluctuations in energy consumption

Our job is to partner with our clients to reduce the likelihood you’ll ever need us for emergency repairs. We want you to get as many quality years from your water heater as you do. Contact our plumbing company experts right now and schedule service for water heaters in the Covington area.

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