Trenching Excavation
Covington LA

Trenching Excavation Covington, LA

Trenching Excavation

Covington LA

Trenching and excavating are both services that remove earth to create a hole but can be used together or interdependently. The first thing you need to learn is which Covington plumber to contact for a job of this severity and magnitude. Poorly executed excavation work can lead to more significant issues than the one you’re trying to resolve in the first place.

All Star Plumbing and Air is the only name you need to know about for plumbing services, including trenching and excavating. No matter how big the job is, these are services that are best left to professionals.

You or your plumber may want to conduct a video inspection first to pinpoint any possible areas of concern. However, generally for pipes that are slowing without other symptoms associated with a plumbing leak, cleaning should be enough to resolve the issue.

We have the training, hands-on expertise, and state of the art equipment to handle the job. Contact us now, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate so you can feel even more confident about letting us take on your project.

Defining And Understanding Trenching And Excavating

By definition, excavation is taking deliberate action to penetrate the ground’s surface and remove the underlying earth. An excavation can be any shape or size. However, a trench is a specific type of hole often described as a long and narrow ditch.

Smaller jobs need only hand tools for digging, while larger jobs require a backhoe. Most jobs that are plumbing related require equipment like backhoes or something smaller.

The first step is trenching and excavating. The next step is whatever repair or replacement task needs to be addressed, such as sewer repair. Upon completion, the hole must be backfilled to avoid any problems from occurring.

Improving The Performance And Longevity Of Your Pipes

What Plumbers Want You To Know About Trenching And Excavating

It’s alarming how many jobs homeowners pay for without really knowing the process. Maybe you don’t need to know enough to be able to do the job yourself, but there are some details you should know, mainly so you can be monitoring the contractor you hire to watch for proper procedures.

For instance, shoddy trench work can lead to plumbing damage like cracks, joint breaks, or dips in pipes. If you end up with any of these after you’ve allowed someone to do trench work, this could be the root of the problem.

Another thing to keep in mind is that trenches should be wide enough to work in a while, allowing room for compaction equipment. Make sure whoever you hire adheres to this rule.

The backfill should be clean, free of rocks and other debris, and anything less is a red flag.

Do yourself a favor and schedule service for trenching and excavating with All Star Plumbing and Air, and rest assured you’re getting the best there is in Covington and beyond.